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Can anyone register with
Yes, anyone can become a member of the site, however, the minimum age requirement is 18 years.

Can I open more than one accounts?
Yes, there is no limitation on the number of accounts one person can have. The email address should be unique for all the accounts.

Why does charge for memberships?
The content submitted by the members have to be processed in a systematized & organized manner in order to build a valuable intellectual property. The review process is very stringent which comprises of many layers & steps, for example, a single blog submitted by a member goes through Initial placement, General Compliance, Uniqueness check, Proofreading, Grammar check, Sentence Formation check, Story line check, Blog Improvement filters and many other background processes before delivering the same to our content partners. This time-taking process requires huge resources at our end which have to be supported by the members.

How does generate revenues and pay its members? sells rich & unique content to its partners to fulfill their online & offline requirements.

Can I pay online for membership?
Yes, you can pay through various modes supported by our secure online payment gateway.

Which category shall i choose to post my blogs?
You are the leader in choosing categories and writing blogs on This feature makes our site unique and we standout by providing freedom to our members to write anything of their own choice.

Can I write anything?
Yes as long as it matches the category you choose.

Will I be paid for all my blogs?
Yes, all your blogs which are approved & published after it was submitted by a member would be paid(As per the membership plan). However, in case the blog does not follow, match, comply & adhere to our Writing guidelines(as mentioned below), it would not get approved.

How can I get my blogs back from
All content is the property of once it has been submitted by a member. Member can not get any content back or withdrawn after the blogs submission.

Guidelines for Writers
All members are required to strictly comply and write as the following guidelines.

  1. The blog should have a proper Title explaining the blog in one line.
  2. The blog should be posted in the right category.
  3. A writer does not need to be extra cautious & worried about sentence formation, grammar, tenses etc., however, he/she should write to best of his/her knowledge & expertise.
  4. An ideal blog should contain about 1000 words, however there is no minimum or maximum limit.
  5. The blog should be unique and not copied from anywhere. Copy means exact reproduction, a similarity with any other content to an extent is valid.
  6. The blog should not contain vulgarity, sexually explicit words or any other type of banned words in general.
  7. The blog should be written in an effort to provide unique & original content which can be used as valuable intellectual property.
  8. The blog should not contain anyone’s reference or details without their permission.